A slow network is frustrating to deal with and can affect your business negatively in every aspect, including employee productivity and customer service. 

Some of the most common causes of a slow network include:

Lack of monitoring

Many businesses will not look into a problem unless they absolutely have to and by then it can be too late. This applies to IT and network products as well and because technology is always changing and advancing at a rapid pace, the network you’ve chosen must be able to accommodate these changes and keep up with your demands. Your old software may work fine but the chances are it’s slowing you down and you shouldn’t wait until it’s no longer compatible with your needs before you act because that can cost you time and money. Instead, replace your workstations and laptops every few years so that your hardware is up-to-date.

Improper switch design

Modern switches are what connect the different devices across a computer network and if they are installed correctly, they will be very helpful to your business which you’ll be able to run efficiently. Improperly designed switches will result in slow data flow and impact the speed of your network. Something as simple as an additional cable drop can help solve this problem and speed things up as can stacking the connectors so these cost-effective options are definitely something to consider.

Slow hard drives

Your hard drive is essentially your computer which is where all of your data, website browsers, operating system and preferences are saved and accessed. A slow hard drive makes it extremely difficult to access any of the information you require, which is a very big problem related to your network speed. Hard disc drives have more storage than other options, although you may have to deal with technical problems and they do take more energy and operate more slowly, so keep this in mind. An alternative option would be solid-state drives which are faster, lighter and more energy-efficient than hard disc drives although they are also more expensive so you’ll have to decide which option is best for you. If you’re experiencing slow network speeds, it may be worth the investment. 

Unreliable internet

If you own a business, you are well aware that even a few minutes without the internet can affect your business significantly and cost you quite a bit. For this reason, you need an internet connection that you can rely on and choosing the right provider is incredibly important to the success of your company.

Nutec Electro Tel provides customers with everything from computers to telephone systems and with our company, you’ll never have to worry about speed because we make sure all of our services are fast and up-to-date. Whether you need smart home security, 2-way radios or computer parts, we have it all, so give us a call today and we will provide you with more information.

Smart Working

It’s time for technology to help the world economy keep moving through smart working!

In the ever-changing, global world we live in, keeping up with new needs, possibilities, and lifestyles is becoming more and more difficult. New technologies, smart devices, and being constantly connected makes a major impact on the work environment. Smart working is a new model of work that uses the new technologies and the development of existing technologies to improve both the performance and the satisfaction that is obtained from the job.

Governments, institutions, and organizations all over the world are pushing smart working more than ever in order to protect people and businesses. We are here to play our part, too, and help businesses implement smart working.

Government policies ae predicted to make smart working the new standard way of doing business over the next 10 years. Don’t miss out on the next, best way of being productive.

Smart working is not only for big companies, because smart working solutions can be browser-based, intuitive, and light yet professional, complete with BYOD capabilities.

Avoid the risk today and consider a smart working solution. Even beyond the current health crisis, there are countless challenges that can keep employees from working in the office (power outages, natural disasters…even noisy office renovations). Letting your employees work remotely is a responsible choice—and more importantly, a tremendous asset for business.

Are you a business owner? Smart working keeps your employees safe and ensures your company stays productive. Smart working is insurance against unpredictable events, allowing your team to work at home RIGHT AWAY or anywhere.

Nutec is here to keep business moving right now. Discover the advantages of smart working, enabling people to work from anywhere outside the office: 20% increased productivity, 30% less expenses in-office maintenance. A 2019 study by flexjobs.com showed that 57% of employees who use smart working are more satisfied with their job than those who work only in the office.

78% of managers consider telecommuting to be the most effective non-economic incentive to retain talent in their company, according to crainsnewyork.com.

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Managing Change

Are you managing change or just taking a chance?

Has the challenging news that permeates the world today got you thinking “what if”? What if your staff can’t come to work tomorrow? What if your customers can’t reach you?

There are a myriad of events and situations that can keep employees from working in the office. Is the risk worth taking a chance, or do you have a plan in place to manage the change? Don’t miss out on the next, best way of being productive. Avoid the risk and plan to deploy a smart working solution for your business now.

Our Hardware as a Service solution may be just the strategy for your business. With a hosted telephone system, your employees will have the opportunity to be productive wherever they work. Smart working provides insurance against unpredictable events, allowing your team to work at home, or anywhere right away. Our smart working solutions can be browser-based, intuitive, and professional, complete with BYOD (bring your own device) capabilities.

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