Whether you are communicating with a colleague, a customer, or a group of people who are dispersed across different locations, using video and audio to connect online has become a method of choice!

With remote work becoming more common, companies need to find a way to maintain face-to-face contact to get work done. The online meeting technology only requires basic equipment. You need an Internet connection, audio (from computer speakers, microphone, or via telephone), and a webcam (standalone or integrated with your monitor/laptop). Compliment this with secure application software and you’re ready for business!

Benefits of virtual meetings include:

  1. Participants are less likely to multitask on video
  2. Seeing actual faces makes for a genuine connection
  3. It’s easier to get your point across on video
  4. It makes it easier to complete tasks

This is one of the powerful components of Wildix Unified Communications and Collaboration, a solution that is secure by design.

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