Get the RoIP Advantage

Many traditional communications services have been enhanced thanks to IP technology in recent years. Radio is just one platform that is more flexible and functional when handled over a digital network connection. So what are the main advantages of RoIP (Radio over IP)?

The benefits of radio over IP are relevant to a surprisingly large audience. ~ Shaun Richards

Aside from cost, the main reason to adopt RoIP in an organization results from endowing radio communications with much greater possibilities.

It is easy to see why so many businesses in different industries are starting to jump on the RoIP bandwagon. From enterprises with operators who need to handle radio dispatching to contractors who require a quick way to communicate with colleagues while they are out in the field, RoIP offers an affordable and flexible platform through which this can be achieved.

Empower your business operations easily and license-free with IP two-way radios!

These are great for:

– Warehouses
– Restaurants
– Hotels
– Manufacturing
– Museums
– Shopping Malls
– Department Stores
– Universities
– Security Guards
– Hospitals
– Care Centres

How does it work?


Communications are distributed across WLAN access points in an IP network which makes it easy to expand the system. Many users in the system can transmit simultaneously. When headsets are connected to the radios, users can talk concurrently in full duplex – similar to talking on a regular telephone.

An IP radio system for wireless networks is a product that bridges the gap between license-free and licensed radio devices. The system is easy to connect to an existing wireless network and allows full duplex communication with reliable sound quality.

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Wireless Office?

Wireless is fast becoming a major component of network infrastructures as workforce demands for mobility evolve. There is a desire for the flexibility to move about the office without having to crawl under a desk to find a network connection.

With a plethora of devices requiring connectivity, there is often a significant drain on IT budgets to provision the required network cabling. This provides further impetus to seriously consider wireless solutions.

Here are some factors in the decision-making process when considering wireless expansion, or transitioning to full wireless:

– Overall network security plan
– Capacity for multiple devices per user
– Support for multi-user multiple input, multiple output (MU-MIMO)
– Utilizing real time applications such as voice and video
– Managing network complexity
– Satisfying user expectations

Shedding the wired network totally may be desirable, but is not likely to be universal in the near future. However, acquiring the 802.11ac wave 2 devices will be an important consideration. The potential for MU-MIMO and offering higher throughput per access point (up to 2.5Gbps in some instances), make them worthwhile.

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Portable Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios play a key role in many industrial, health care and emergency services applications. As commonplace as cellular phones have become in today’s society, in some environments they are not necessarily the best communications tool. A two way radio is much more efficient, allowing instant communication between people fast and effectively. Are you taking proper care of yours?

Here are some maintenance tips:


The ideal environment is a dry area at room temperature ~ “22C”


It’s best to use a microfiber cloth or soft cloth dampened with water to clean your radios. Do not expose the radio to solvents.


Do not leave the radio on or use it while it’s charging. Don’t put the radio in and out of the charger while using it. By doing either of these things will reduce life expediency of the battery.

Battery Life

The average life span of a NiCad, Ni-MH and Li-Ion batteries is 2 – 4 years depending on usage and charging habits. Don’t store a battery in an active charger. Don’t keep the radio on while charging. Don’t take the radio in and out of the charger when using.It’s best to charge the portable once a day or after 8 – 12 hours of usage. When a battery is 2 years old, it should be analyzed by a qualified service center. Analyzing a battery of any chemistry with clear the memory increasing the battery capacity. Most analyzers will produce a report showing the percentage of batteries capacity. It’s recommended that when a battery is down to 70% capacity it should be replaced.

Daily Usage

Don’t grab or hold the radio by the antenna, avoid dropping the radio, keep away from moisture even if it’s waterproof. Try to keep the radio from extreme temperatures.

Through proper care and maintenance, your radios have a much higher probability of serving you when you need them most.

Acknowledgement: This article was composed with input from experienced two-way radio specialist, Eugene Rollinson, Corporate Account Manager, Nutec Electro Tel.

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Building Access Control

Technological advancements have brought us entrance and exit control devices and a multitude of components that integrate to provide for the expansion your business may need in the future. These may include electric door strikes, electromagnetic locks, and biometrics. Integration with intrusion alarm and video surveillance systems are often included to meet the critical security needs of your business.

“The concept of building access control has changed considerably from the days of castles, moats and draw bridges. However, organizations still recognize the priority of ensuring that their people, material assets and operations are safe and secure.”

Benefits of a building access control system

– Reduce risks
– Reduce labour costs with monitored system control
– Lower re-keying costs associated with employee turnover
– Control access to critical areas of your operation
– Allow temporary access for short term employees and contractors
– Quickly and economically upgrade or downgrade access as required
– Control more than just standard doors: barriers, motorized fences, parking gates, and turnstiles can operate within the same system
– Track user actions and audit security
– Easy to implement, maintain, and use


Thorough planning and installation of your access control system is imperative for a successful deployment.

Access control should refuse access to unauthorized people. Similarly, freedom of movement for authorized people should be least affected.

As with other business technology solutions, building access control needs to be managed properly, backed up, and the provision of additional systems for redundancy if warranted.

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Toll Fraud Defense

Toll fraud, also known as phreaking or phone hacking is a risk to businesses of any size with an estimated 85% considered to be vulnerable

Prevention Tips:

In a previous article I shared the following toll fraud prevention tips:

1. Learn how toll fraud can occur. Talk to your telephone equipment provider and learn how they can help you. Engage your long distance service provider and implement appropriate prevention measures. If your business doesn’t require international calling, consider blocking international calls from being initiated from your system.

2. Limit access to your telephone system. Hackers may gain access to your telephone system and call long distance directly using your lines. Often this is accomplished through voice mail menus. They use system commands to obtain dial tone and place calls as if they originated from within your premises. Your system may still have factory default passwords. Simple passwords such as these enable fraud and make access easy to achieve.

Now available: Toll Fraud Defense

The NEC SV9100 Communications Solution now includes an expanded and diverse portfolio of InApps. As well as providing compelling business benefits, these built-in/on-board apps require no external PC or server making them highly cost effective and reliable. And using a browser interface, they provide 24/7 availability for your business. Be sure to consider including a toll fraud defense application with your next business telephone system.

– Effective 24/7 defense from Toll Fraud
– Low cost solution with no extra PC required
– Configurable to your specific business call activity
– Health-check feature to assess any weaknesses during installation

All call activity is monitored 24/7 and any suspicious call activity is detected instantly. This results in one of two automatic alerts: an ‘alert only’ email sent to designated recipients, or in more severe cases an ‘alert and block’ which prevents any further call activity instantly.

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How’s your connection?

Is it time to assess the value you’re getting from you business telephone system? Are you maximizing customer service and productivity?

Today’s telephone systems offer the opportunity to maintain the all-important personal connection with customers while effectively utilizing new features available with current technology.


If you are considering upgrading your telephone system, it’s important to cover the bases to ensure a solution that will fit your business needs and budget.

Evaluation Process

When planning to purchase a new telephone system, it is wise to thoroughly analyze your specific business needs. A well thought-out process will help ensure quality results and a solution that meets your expectations. Don’t fall into the trap of paying too much, selecting the wrong technology or the using the wrong vendor. Most business telephone solutions are long term commitments, so a mistake lives on for years. Be sure to employ an effective process that helps you select the best solution possible.

The following questions will assist in determining your business communications requirements.

What is motivating you?

While the most frequent answer is to replace an obsolete phone system there are actually several factors that could affect your final decision.

Outdated Technology. Perhaps adequate service, support and parts are difficult to obtain for your current equipment.

Available Features. If your current system is simply lacking the features that contribute to improving productivity and enhancing customer service, it may be time for a new solution.

Monthly Telephone Bill. Once a system is deployed, your costliest telecommunications expense may be the monthly telephone bill. Proper planning and coordination with your new system can often lead to lowering monthly costs, resulting in improved ROI.

VoIP. These days, with everyone relocating business services to the cloud, it might make sense for your company to consider a virtual PBX.

Expansion. If your company is in a state of growth, you may have outgrown your current system.

Relocation. When moving to a different location, it might be a good time to replace your technology instead of sinking money into moving an old system.

Do you have a date for completion?
Often, the buying decision gets delayed in deference to handling day to day business operations. The result could be a system failure that makes the decision a more urgent priority and unduly hastens the decision process.

What parameters are important to you?
These days, most phone systems offer the same features. It’s more a matter of whether you would prefer to purchase it as a product or a service. Regardless, there are still plenty of considerations to keep in mind, such as:

1. Up Front Price
2. Total Cost of Ownership
3. Vendor Location & Reputation
4. Fit
5. Brand Recognition

Defining and weighing these parameters narrows your focus saving both you and potential vendors lots of time

Do you have a budget in mind? canstockphoto20338595
It can be hard to be transparent with this information. You may fear that it will be used against you when it comes to making the purchase. However, having a budget in place beforehand can often save you time when it comes to looking for solutions within your price range. Also, vendors know that most customers are looking at multiple solutions and a solution with an inflated price won’t be considered.

Do you have any preferences?
Would you prefer an on-site Premise PBX or a cloud-based virtual PBX? Both have their advantages.

Have you already considered any solutions?

Do you have a preferred provider?
Often, customer loyalty rests with the equipment manufacturer, the product brand or the local value-added reseller. Do you care about the brand name, or are you open to considering all providers?

Is There an Implementation Time Frame?
If you’re working against a hard deadline, it may affect the time you have to explore potential vendors or compare different technologies and therefore change your evaluation process.

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What to do

It can be a challenging process to select the right telephone system for your business. Several factors should be considered. Here are a few thoughts that may help you with this exercise.

Reliability is a critical component to any business telephone system. Traditional PBX systems with analog or digital (PRI) connections to the outside world provide proven and reliable service for voice connections with your customers and suppliers. VoIP (Voice over IP) on the other hand is increasingly becoming a popular choice. However, VoIP is dependent upon a reliable internet connection. Before selecting a VoIP service, be sure to have your internet service analyzed for suitability for use as a voice path. Remember, a great internet service for file transfers and email communication may not be suitable for voice transmission.


Whether your business is small, medium or large, cost is an important part of the equation. Obviously, you will want to ensure an appropriate ROI (return on investment) while maintaining a reasonable TCO (total cost of ownership). Things for you to consider include the value of features best suited to meet your customer service and productivity objectives. Do your requirements include a telephone system that delivers voice communication and multimedia sessions such as video over the internet. Enterprise organizations that have offices spread out across the world may prefer VoIP systems because your location ceases to be an issue.

Flexibility with Modular Options

Both hosted (cloud) and premise based VoIP services can combine web conferencing, fax, voicemail to email, instant chat, and web conferencing with the traditional process of just picking up a phone and making a call. With VoIP smartphone apps, users can now take their office extensions with them wherever they go. You may want to consider a modular system that can combine premise based digital and VoIP components along with a cloud based system that offers the best of both worlds. Whatever choice you make, be sure to ask about an available managed services program to include peace-of-mind and reliability.

All Aboard with UC?

What is Unified Communications (UC)?

Gartner defines unified communications (UC) products (equipment, software and services) as those that facilitate the interactive use of multiple enterprise communications methods. This can include control, management and integration of these methods. UC products integrate communications channels (media), networks and systems, as well as IT business applications and, in some cases, consumer applications and devices.

Why deploy UC

UC’s primary purpose is to bring every form of your communications together in one single interface and deliver voice, text, e-mail, or video messages to the devices most accessible to the intended recipient. For example, voice calls to desk phones may be routed to the user’s smartphone or tablet when required. Similarly, e-mail intended for a desktop mailbox could be sent to the user’s mobile device.

Who needs UC?

In this fast-pace, mobile world many of us need to stay connected while we are on the move. By using UC, you can start a phone call from your desk phone, and continue the call seamlessly on a mobile device as you walk away from the desk and out of the office. So, in terms of continuing the business phone call and saving time by completing the task at hand, you don’t need to tell the person you’ll call them back later.canstockphoto14023964

There are a lot of ways you and your colleagues can be reached. This also means there are a lot of ways you could miss a call or message if you’re not organized and constantly keeping up with it all. Presence technology, another major UC component, offers substantial value by providing a status indicator that conveys the availability of you and your device(s). This maintains real-time information about a person’s availability. Accordingly, it is possible for presence-enabled applications to make accurate decisions about how to contact a person based on what the application knows about that person’s availability. Rather than calling the person’s office, home and cell phone, you may save time by contacting the right device the first time.

What to look for in UC

As technology converges, communications platforms are shifting to software-based applications, which are integrated with each other and with business applications. This indicates the importance of partnering with an agile, competent provider that will keep your communication systems current and performing properly.

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Do you have the tools you need to manage resources through your business telephone system? Is it providing you with the information you require? The NEC SV9100 helps manage resources in several ways. Find out how here.

NEC SV9100

Let’s check out what NEC’s SV9100 InControl has to offer.

NEC’s SV9100 InControl is a web based application that will provide reports on a company’s employees, resources, and callers.

This is an application that allows organizations to better manage resources; those resources can be people or hardware. InControl has many benefits to offer that will help you make better decisions and provide evidence to back them up. Meanwhile, here are three examples that demonstrate how the NEC SV9100 helps manage resources:

1. Phone Number Details. Have you ever had a customer complaint that no one returned their call? InControl will follow a call as it moves through the conversation. You can access call information by the caller’s phone number, date and time, and details are provided such as:
a. How many seconds the call rang before it was answered
b. Who answered the call and duration of the conversation in seconds
c. If the call was put on hold, how long it was on hold
d. If the call was transferred, to whom it was transferred
e. How long it rang at the transfer destination
f. Perhaps it transferred again to the destination extensions voicemail. If so, how long was the voicemail conversation. This can give you a good indication of where the ball may have been dropped.

2. Extension Summary by Department. To help manage resources, perhaps you want to look at your sales departments call activity. You may schedule a weekly report emailed to you showing the last week’s call summary of the sales department. You could include others in this email as well. You can view the inbound, outbound, internal calls (intercom calls), and total calls. You can see the total duration and the average duration per call. You may run this report live if you need to see additional information. If there is something that just doesn’t seem right, you may drill down further by individual extensions within the department.

3. Trunk Utilization. Are concerned that you don’t have enough trunks and some callers are getting busy signals? Or, are you paying for too many trunks? You can run the trunk utilization report and get the information you need. Perhaps you should schedule this report and run an email to yourself monthly. If your business is growing, at some point you’ll start to run into busy problems. This will help you take proactive measures to manage resources.

Please view this short video for more detail:

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Okay, maybe you don’t need a flight recorder in your business . . .

Perhaps you don’t even need call recording (also known as call logging). However, many businesses achieve valuable benefits from recording customer calls. Typically, at the forefront of these are employee training and maintaining call quality. But there can be other, perhaps surprising benefits to call recording.

And, call recording systems aren’t just for mid-sized or large businesses, but can be an economical addition for businesses of any size.

Here are several ways your company may benefit by adding call recording to your business phone system:

Capture details that may have been missed or forgotten

When talking to customers, it’s vital to actively listen. It may also be important to take notes of what was discussed or promised. But taking notes during the call can prevent you from actively listening.

In addition, sometimes it’s difficult to make out what a customer is saying. They’re in a noisy environment, talking quickly, or speaking in a heavy accent. You can, and should ask for clarification when needed. But having a record of the call, portions of which you can play back multiple times if necessary, provides some assurance that you won’t miss something critical.

You can also take notes during playback to ensure you didn’t forget anything — whether the recording is of a restaurant customer’s take-out order or a discussion about a customer’s insurance policy claim. Plus, during the call, you can be fully present with customers. This helps ensure they feel they’re truly being “heard” — a big part of providing a great customer experience, which can translate into increased revenues.


Coach your team more effectively

By recording some calls, your call center administration can hear how your team members are dealing with customers. It’s a fantastic opportunity for managers to help teams improve their telephone skills with customers, and to provide tips on how to sell more effectively or how to offer better customer service and support. Anyone in your organization, including receptionists and top sales people, can benefit from the kind of specific coaching and feedback that managers can provide as a result of monitoring call recordings. You can provide feedback to your staff based on their individual calls or select typical examples to be used for training purposes.

Get to know your customers

Call recordings help your marketing team better understand your company’s customer, or prospect. By listening to customer calls, your marketing team members will gain a more realistic understanding of your buyers and, in turn, make your marketing efforts much more effective to help drive revenues.

Enhance your product or service

By sharing call recordings with specific team members, you can help them better understand how customers are using your product, what they like about it, and what could be improved. All of this is invaluable information that can be translated into products and services that more effectively meet customer expectations and boost revenues.

Improve regulatory compliance and reduce associated costs

In some cases, maintaining a database of recorded calls can help your business comply with legal, industry, and service-level compliance guidelines.
Recorded calls can help you with dispute resolution, risk management, or defend against litigation from unhappy customers. And in some cases, a voice recording may serve as a verbal contract.

Provide great customer service

It’s often said that it costs five-to-seven times more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. Providing excellent customer service is one way to keep customers. Your customer goes to some trouble to contact you. Maybe they had to look up your phone number, and then they were placed on hold. By listening closely to call recordings, you can gain an understanding of customers’ pain points, and how to possibly avoid or minimize them in the future.

Success Stories

Capture customer stories

Customers who call your company will sometimes talk positively about their experience using your product or service: why they chose it, how it’s helped them, and so on. With the customer’s permission, you may be able to translate the content of such calls into a great “customer success story” for your marketing or advertising campaigns.

Determine how your customer service has evolved

By maintaining a database of call recordings, you can compare how your team communicates with customers today vs. how you communicated with them in the past. The differences can show where you’ve improved and where you still need work.

Quickly bring a customer service representative up to speed

If you’re a small business, it may be necessary to bring someone in from time to time to handle customer calls. Maybe you want to completely disconnect from business while on vacation. Or you’re too busy with work to handle customer calls effectively. Even big businesses need to add more contact center agents at times.

Increase profitability

Bottom line enhancement is perhaps the most important business-related aspect of call recording. With its ability to enhance training, call recording improves efficiency, and ultimately, the profit-making capacity in a business. In addition to training, the software generates reports which can be analyzed to offer vital business metrics. Through the analysis, management is able to identify areas that need improvement in order to enhance the customer experience, and inherently, improve profitability.

Furthermore, the analysis can reveal revenues generated from calls, and such knowledge can then be used to make strategic decisions regarding how to enhance the average earnings from each call.

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