The value of things we take for granted is only discovered when we lose them. 

Among these things, health perhaps comes first.

That is why it is in times of coronavirus emergencies that we discover the importance of paying attention to our bodies and to others.

“I’m fine? I’m sick? Maybe it’s the case that I won’t go to work today if I’m not feeling well, to protect my colleagues. ”

Not being able to go to the office has opened our eyes to the need to have working methods disconnected from physical places, in two words, Smart Working.

Office productivity can’t stop if people can’t access their desks for some reason. It is now anachronistic to link the business to the four walls of the workplace.

This emergency is paradoxically instructive for the business world, from large to small and medium-sized companies: workers must continue to produce, even if the roads to the office are closed due to weather adversities.

Smart work is not a new thing but there are still very few companies that put it into practice. However, hundreds of studies have shown that individual employee productivity increases by 20% when they have the opportunity to work from home. Not to mention the significant drop in sick leave, facilities in the management of parental leave and maternity leave; smart work as a more effective non-economic incentive to conquer and retain talent.

The technology offers all the tools to share chats, phone calls, documents and video conferences in a 100% secure way, thanks to intuitive solutions and inexperienced digital interfaces.

So work smarter and stay healthy!

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Telephone systems Edmonton

Assist your patients in field hospitals and shorten the response time

to patient requests for noncritical or emergency assistance.

Take advantage of wireless technology in order to keep patients in touch at any time with the medical staff.

Enable patients to ask for help at any time with the touch of a wireless pendant. An alarm is generated to notify medical staff immediately.

Escalate alarms to the appropriate medical personnel to assist patients as quickly as possible.


  • Nurse Activity Logging
  • Zone Login in for Nurses
  • Competence/Skills based Alert Routing
  • Real-time Alarm Monitoring
  • Powerful Excel Reports
  • Mobile app for Android and Apple mobile devices
  • Cross-Platform Web Console for Supervisors on Windows, Android, Apple iOS and Mac OS X

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Telephone systems Edmonton