Tracking assets is a vital task for any business.

Keeping track of your most valuable assets including your employees, equipment, and fleet is a concern for many businesses today. To help track these, many companies are turning to GPS Tracking Solutions.

You may notice that there are as many available systems as there are flavours of ice cream. The following will help answer some of the questions and give you a starting point.

Common Myths and Misconceptions:

  • It is too Expensive – A misconception; in most cases it is very affordable. And some Insurance Companies even offer a discount if you install a tracking system.
  • It’s only for Big Companies – People and equipment are valuable to any size Company.
  • Fleet Tracking is complicated and hard to install and use – These days, if you can operate a computer, you can use it. Also, some installations can even be done by the owner’s staff.
  • We don’t have time to implement the system – The system can be implemented around your schedule. Furthermore, training for your key staff may be arranged for the same time.
  • All Fleet Tracking Systems are the same – Not all Systems are created equal, the secret is to look at your needs and then choose a flexible system to grow with your needs.
  • I can track my Employees through their Mobile Phones – while it can provide you with location, it can’t provide you with many of the other important features.

Fleet Tracking Improves Your Business

In a tough economy, it helps to have an edge. Companies are beefing up their services in order to compete. When your business depends on the reliability of the vehicles you operate, an effective way to improve customer service is to improve your ability to monitor your equipment. One of the primary ways companies monitor their property and improve transportation services is through GPS vehicle tracking.

Companies that rely on ground transportation use GPS tracking for business vehicles. Service companies use business GPS tracking for communication and planning. Companies that deliver goods, whether long distance or across town, use GPS tracking to find efficient routes and keep customers informed. What’s more, companies of all types use vehicle tracking to keep a closer eye on employee activities.

What can I get from Basic Tracking?:

  • Live Tracking: know where your People and Fleet are at all times.
  • Notifications and Important locations, know when certain problems occur where you might need to provide assistance.
  • Travel History: see where and when things have happened to your Fleet.
  • Analystics and Insights: Glean the information and see where your can save on fuel or change routes to be more efficient.
  • Above all, it helps meet the Lone Worker Saftey Regulations.


  • GPS tracking makes it easy to monitor your employees. A discreet device lets you spot unusual driving patterns, such as unplanned stops or routes that deviate from planned routes, so you can take action.
  • GPS tracking for business vehicles facilitates communication with your customers to let them know of any delays in meeting your scheduled commitments.
  • Your business benefits from using GPS tracking for planning service and deliveries. So, you can figure out the best route and view real-time updates about traffic and weather along your routes.


  1. Safety: Tracking vehicle activity improves driver behavior. GPS tracking in company vehicles makes for better drivers: Fewer occurrences of speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration and sharp turns leads to fewer speeding tickets, fewer accidents, lower maintenance costs, and lower insurance premiums.
  2. Security: Fleet management improves operational efficiency. Maintenance costs are minimized by on-time service. Flag incidents of speeding, excessive idling or aggressive driving. This lets you identify and correct inefficient driving, thereby reducing fuel costs and wear-and-tear on company vehicles.
  3. Efficiency: Real-time tracking makes fleets secure. Eliminate unauthorized usage, side-jobs and moonlighting — ensuring that your fleet is always working for you, and only you.


With the many Tracking Systems available, Nutec Electro Tel can confidently meet your needs. We offer a selection of systems that provided the flexibility to grow and expand with Your Business.

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GPS Tracking Solutions

Contributed by Wade Miller

Do you have the tools you need to manage resources through your business telephone system? Is it providing you with the information you require? The NEC SV9100 helps manage resources in several ways. Find out how here.

NEC SV9100

Let’s check out what NEC’s SV9100 InControl has to offer.

NEC’s SV9100 InControl is a web based application that will provide reports on a company’s employees, resources, and callers.

This is an application that allows organizations to better manage resources; those resources can be people or hardware. InControl has many benefits to offer that will help you make better decisions and provide evidence to back them up. Meanwhile, here are three examples that demonstrate how the NEC SV9100 helps manage resources:

1. Phone Number Details. Have you ever had a customer complaint that no one returned their call? InControl will follow a call as it moves through the conversation. You can access call information by the caller’s phone number, date and time, and details are provided such as:
a. How many seconds the call rang before it was answered
b. Who answered the call and duration of the conversation in seconds
c. If the call was put on hold, how long it was on hold
d. If the call was transferred, to whom it was transferred
e. How long it rang at the transfer destination
f. Perhaps it transferred again to the destination extensions voicemail. If so, how long was the voicemail conversation. This can give you a good indication of where the ball may have been dropped.

2. Extension Summary by Department. To help manage resources, perhaps you want to look at your sales departments call activity. You may schedule a weekly report emailed to you showing the last week’s call summary of the sales department. You could include others in this email as well. You can view the inbound, outbound, internal calls (intercom calls), and total calls. You can see the total duration and the average duration per call. You may run this report live if you need to see additional information. If there is something that just doesn’t seem right, you may drill down further by individual extensions within the department.

3. Trunk Utilization. Are concerned that you don’t have enough trunks and some callers are getting busy signals? Or, are you paying for too many trunks? You can run the trunk utilization report and get the information you need. Perhaps you should schedule this report and run an email to yourself monthly. If your business is growing, at some point you’ll start to run into busy problems. This will help you take proactive measures to manage resources.

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