Your fleet and asset management system can be a major contributor to enhanced productivity and cost savings. Effective deployment is probably the most important consideration to ensuring the best results.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Having a strategy to share your plans and engage staff in the benefits of theGPS (Global Positioning System) can be a key to reducing misconceptions and resistance to the system. Benefits include greater safety and security, reduced waste, increased productivity, and improved customer service.

To get the most benefits from your fleet tracking system, take to the time to learn how to utilize if for everything from scheduling vehicle maintenance to improved dispatch and route planning.

Asset Management

Your asset management system may utilize GPS and/or RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology and include tracking and managing:

  • Construction tools
  • Shipping containers
  • Healthcare and medical equipment
  • Cargo monitoring
  • Trailers
  • ATM machines
  • Waste disposal containers
  • Lone worker security

Again, the key tip here is to ensure adequate training and understanding of the system in order to take full advantage of its important benefits.


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