What questions need answers when selecting a Hosted VoIP System?

For many small businesses, a hosted/cloud-based VoIP communications system is an excellent way to maintain a professional connection with your customers without the challenges of maintaining a traditional premise-based phone system.

Here are some questions that you may wish to ask:

  • How is Hosted VoIP different from regular VoIP or my cell phone?
  • What kind of phones do I need?
  • Can I integrate with my CRM?
  • How will this work for employees who are out of the office or travelling?
  • Will it help reduce my business costs?
  • What features do I really need?
  • I have a contact center. Can VoIP support this?
  • Can I do video or audio conferencing?
  • How do I add new locations or additional employees?
  • Do I have to have phones on my desk?
  • What productivity tools are included?
  • What training and support is provided?

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