Whether your business is small, medium or enterprise, your telephone system and call handling is likely a critical part of your customer interaction.

Headset callWhat are your answers to these important questions:

How many people call your main telephone number in a given period of time? From a marketing perspective, it’s important to know how effective you are in reaching your business audience and generating responses.

How many people called in response to your new marketing campaign? It may be helpful to have separate telephone numbers for different marketing campaigns in order to gauge their effectiveness.

When do you receive the most calls? And, how long do callers wait for someone to answer their initial calls? How long are callers waiting on hold? Also, how many abandoned calls do you have? Answers to these questions will be important to assist with staffing levels by time of day and day of the week.

Do you know how many calls were answered per person? And, who is answering the fewest calls? Do you have enough lines to handle your call volume?

By deploying an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system, you could have the information at your fingertips to answer these and other crucial questions.

Summary of ACD benefits: Benefits

Among the many benefits that ACD can provide to users, nothing compares to the overall increase in Customer Satisfaction that can be gained using this tool.

Callers entering into ACD systems have the comfort of knowing that their call is being processed by prompting the caller periodically through various messages. ACD above all else, eliminates terminal holds which can be extremely frustrating to customers, and your business can ultimately lose the customer. This can cost your business thousands of dollars in lost business that can never be measured.

Decreasing costs always provides a tremendous benefit to organizations, and ACD systems can certainly help accomplish this goal.

Efficient contact centers can:

  • Eliminate multiple handling of calls, reducing staff expenses.
  • Manage staffing levels by providing report data on call center activity and call flow.
  • Connect Multiple Locations: ACD can easily route calls to agents sitting at different or remote locations. All the agents working in different geographies can function as one single team.
  • Manage agent efficiency.
  • Reduce returned calls.
  • Help determine the correct number of incoming lines.
  • Responding fast to a call by transferring it to the most appropriate agent, will definitely improve the chances of first call resolution and the customer can get his query resolved without transferring him to other agents or departments. This will reduce the time taken to answer a call and hence reduce cost-per-call.
  • “With efficient routing of incoming calls, agents can use their expertise in solving the problems of a caller rather than indulging in activities that are outside their scope.”

    ACD acquires usage data such as total number of calls, time spent on each call, waiting time etc which is used for reporting purposes. This will enable managers to assess key performance indicators and optimize resources more effectively.

    Exploring these possibilities could be an important step in improving customer service and ultimately, your bottom line! View the following short introductory video showing some of the features available to the Contact Center Agent running UC Suite for the NEC SV9100:

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    Okay, maybe you don’t need a flight recorder in your business . . .

    Perhaps you don’t even need call recording (also known as call logging). However, many businesses achieve valuable benefits from recording customer calls. Typically, at the forefront of these are employee training and maintaining call quality. But there can be other, perhaps surprising benefits to call recording.

    And, call recording systems aren’t just for mid-sized or large businesses, but can be an economical addition for businesses of any size.

    Here are several ways your company may benefit by adding call recording to your business phone system:

    Capture details that may have been missed or forgotten

    When talking to customers, it’s vital to actively listen. It may also be important to take notes of what was discussed or promised. But taking notes during the call can prevent you from actively listening.

    In addition, sometimes it’s difficult to make out what a customer is saying. They’re in a noisy environment, talking quickly, or speaking in a heavy accent. You can, and should ask for clarification when needed. But having a record of the call, portions of which you can play back multiple times if necessary, provides some assurance that you won’t miss something critical.

    You can also take notes during playback to ensure you didn’t forget anything — whether the recording is of a restaurant customer’s take-out order or a discussion about a customer’s insurance policy claim. Plus, during the call, you can be fully present with customers. This helps ensure they feel they’re truly being “heard” — a big part of providing a great customer experience, which can translate into increased revenues.


    Coach your team more effectively

    By recording some calls, your call center administration can hear how your team members are dealing with customers. It’s a fantastic opportunity for managers to help teams improve their telephone skills with customers, and to provide tips on how to sell more effectively or how to offer better customer service and support. Anyone in your organization, including receptionists and top sales people, can benefit from the kind of specific coaching and feedback that managers can provide as a result of monitoring call recordings. You can provide feedback to your staff based on their individual calls or select typical examples to be used for training purposes.

    Get to know your customers

    Call recordings help your marketing team better understand your company’s customer, or prospect. By listening to customer calls, your marketing team members will gain a more realistic understanding of your buyers and, in turn, make your marketing efforts much more effective to help drive revenues.

    Enhance your product or service

    By sharing call recordings with specific team members, you can help them better understand how customers are using your product, what they like about it, and what could be improved. All of this is invaluable information that can be translated into products and services that more effectively meet customer expectations and boost revenues.

    Improve regulatory compliance and reduce associated costs

    In some cases, maintaining a database of recorded calls can help your business comply with legal, industry, and service-level compliance guidelines.
    Recorded calls can help you with dispute resolution, risk management, or defend against litigation from unhappy customers. And in some cases, a voice recording may serve as a verbal contract.

    Provide great customer service

    It’s often said that it costs five-to-seven times more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. Providing excellent customer service is one way to keep customers. Your customer goes to some trouble to contact you. Maybe they had to look up your phone number, and then they were placed on hold. By listening closely to call recordings, you can gain an understanding of customers’ pain points, and how to possibly avoid or minimize them in the future.

    Success Stories

    Capture customer stories

    Customers who call your company will sometimes talk positively about their experience using your product or service: why they chose it, how it’s helped them, and so on. With the customer’s permission, you may be able to translate the content of such calls into a great “customer success story” for your marketing or advertising campaigns.

    Determine how your customer service has evolved

    By maintaining a database of call recordings, you can compare how your team communicates with customers today vs. how you communicated with them in the past. The differences can show where you’ve improved and where you still need work.

    Quickly bring a customer service representative up to speed

    If you’re a small business, it may be necessary to bring someone in from time to time to handle customer calls. Maybe you want to completely disconnect from business while on vacation. Or you’re too busy with work to handle customer calls effectively. Even big businesses need to add more contact center agents at times.

    Increase profitability

    Bottom line enhancement is perhaps the most important business-related aspect of call recording. With its ability to enhance training, call recording improves efficiency, and ultimately, the profit-making capacity in a business. In addition to training, the software generates reports which can be analyzed to offer vital business metrics. Through the analysis, management is able to identify areas that need improvement in order to enhance the customer experience, and inherently, improve profitability.

    Furthermore, the analysis can reveal revenues generated from calls, and such knowledge can then be used to make strategic decisions regarding how to enhance the average earnings from each call.

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